Haiti: resumption of international air flights under discussion between stakeholders

The resumption of international air flights could increase the number of people infected by the Coronavirus pandemic in Haiti. The Haitian government will earn more money if there are more than 2,500 to 3,500 people infected with Covid19 in Haiti, this would help the Haitian government. The question of social distancing does not matter, the only thing is to follow our master, the United States of America.
If the United States of America begins to think about reopening airports and resuming activities, its Haitian slaves should step down to follow their master.
The Haitian government, in concert with air transport players, is considering the possibility of resuming international flights. In this sense, a meeting took place on Wednesday between representatives of several airlines and government authorities.
Security measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 remain one of the biggest concerns. Enforcing barrier gestures and imposing social distancing are, among other things, the major issues of this envisaged decision.
To this end, the actors concerned plan to set up a task force between the various bodies working in this sector in order to find the best possible agreement for the resumption of flights from Haiti to other countries.
Other meetings are planned to deepen the discussions. Note that the Haitian authorities officially suspended international flights on March 16, well before the introduction of the coronavirus in the country.

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