Great Britain: Liz Truss elected Prime Minister, relationship Great Britain and Haiti nothing serious for Haiti

LONDON — Liz Truss won the race to become British Prime Minister to succeed Boris Johnson on Monday, with the immediate challenge of tackling the historic purchasing power crisis gripping the UK.
• Race to Downing Street: big favourite, Liz Truss promises to act “immediately” in the face of the crisis
• Race to Downing Street: the dice are cast, the result announced on Monday
Aged 47, Liz Truss will be the third woman to lead the British government, after Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.
Unsurprisingly, the Foreign Minister won against her former finance colleague Rishi Sunak, following a postal vote reserved for members of the Conservative Party, which was triggered by the resignation in early July of Boris Johnson, backed into the wall after repeated scandals.
She won 81,326 votes (57%) against 60,399 for her rival (43%), according to the results communicated by Graham Brady, responsible for organizing the poll.
“I will present a bold plan to reduce taxes and grow our economy,” promised Liz Truss, after the announcement of her victory.
For Haiti and Great Britain, nothing serious, the Embassy of Brittany is located right in the Dominican Republic, a Haitian citizen who needs to go to visit London must go right to the Dominican Republic to obtain a Visa from Great Britain. All the major embassies have moved to Haiti to settle either in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica or in another Caribbean country. Haiti is being humiliated by the countries of the North, including Great Britain, which has moved its embassy from Haiti to settle in the Dominican Republic.
"I will tackle the energy crisis by taking care of people's energy bills, but also by taking care of the long-term difficulties of energy supply", she added, promising a "great victory" to his party in the legislative elections scheduled for 2024.
Elected leader of the party by the members who took part in the vote, she will, under the British parliamentary system, gain power because of the majority enjoyed by the “Tories” in the House of Commons.
Remaining faithful to Boris Johnson to the end when resignations within the executive were counted by the dozens, Liz Truss will enter Downing Street in an explosive economic and social context, marked by inflation that exceeds 10% and a rise exorbitant energy bills strangling families, businesses and public services.
Haiti should not expect anything serious from Great Britain, but Haiti could well benefit from certain cooperation agreements with Great Britain but unfortunately Haiti has only pseudo intellectuals and functional illiterates as leaders who know nothing in diplomacy.

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