Victims of Yves Jean-Bart receive death threats, according to The Guardian, the Haitian Football Federation (FHF) responds

The file of Yves Jean-Bart, President of the Haitian Football Federation accused of sexual abuse of minors is not yet exhausted. The English newspaper The Guardian recently published a new text on this case in which it indicated that the victims of the president of the Haitian Football Federation are subject to death threats. The FHF, closed at the helm, rejected everything as a whole once again.

In this article, the English newspaper reports that alleged victims of Yves Jean-Bart's sexual abuse say they have received death threats since complaints were reported against him.

"Several alleged victims say they were threatened after the charges were published, a former player who lives abroad said that she had to move in a hurry because" he found me. "

“A gangster called us,” said another. "If we talk, they know where our uncles, aunts, cousins are," reports the English newspaper.

Despite the threats, the testimonies do not end. A girl, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed that the FHF president had attempted to rape her. She also says that Yves Jean Bart fathered children with some of her teammates. "One of the alleged victims claimed that several girls from the center and from AS Tigresses - the club founded by the president of the FHF in 1972 - had given birth to her children. "Some mothers were minors," reads the latest article in The Guardian in which victims also announce that they intend to confront Dadou in court.

The Haitian Football Federation continues to cry out for the innocence of Mr. Jean-Bart
In a press release, the Haitian Football Federation denounces this new report “inaccurate, biased and deeply imperfect”.

According to the FHF, The Guardian has once again demonstrated its complete lack of credibility by choosing to publish a false document full of lies and baseless accusations of baseless accusations from strictly anonymous sources.

In this press release, the FHF questions the sense of professionalism of The Guardian journalists. "The first article by Ed Aarons, blogger Romain Molina and Alex Cizmic made the false and scandalous assertion that" forced abortions "were the result of sexual assault in the youth training center at Croix-des -Bouquets, while their last article states that the president fathered a good number of children with "several" underage girls from the center. Which one is it? If there have been abortions, then where is the evidence of these medical procedures, which are illegal in Haiti? And where are all these children who are supposed to be born? This is just a glaring example of bad practice by the so-called Guardian reporters, who mock journalistic ethics, "read this press release in which the FHF revealed that one of the co- Authors of the article have already been on trial for making defamatory statements.
But the executive director of the National Human Rights Network (RNDDH) said that the President of the Haitian Football Federation admitted that he had a child with a former football player whom he met in the Dominican Republic. The executive director of RNDDH asked President Yves Jean Bart and his team of the Haitian Football Federation to retire them as head of the federation.
Every day the case of Yves Jean Bart has grown in Haiti.
Last week, Mr. Yves Jean - Bart accompanied by his lawyer, Maitre Stanley Gaston, went to file a complaint with the Prosecutor's office of Croix-des-Bouquets against X, unfortunately, the justice in Haiti is filled with Judges and Commissioners of the Incompetent, mean, criminal and corrupt government. No player victim or not, would dare to present before a court in Haiti to go and file a complaint against Mr. Yves Jean-Bart. If a person has money, that person would find justice, otherwise there would never be fair justice in this small country ruled by a corrupt and criminal government.
The Federation also invited the National Human Rights Network (RNDDH) to conduct its own investigation into the allegations of sexual abuse reported in the British newspaper.

"Molina and The Guardian have made it clear that their goal is not journalism, but a plea to attack the character and destroy the career of the Haitian football manager and, in turn, destroy the future of hundreds of young people who dream of change their social conditions through football ”, persists and signs the FHF.

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