The UN denounces Haiti "is suspended on the edge of the precipice"

Yet we do the opposite, it is Haiti that has the right to denounce the United Nations with the United States of America for having established armed gangs and opening organ trafficking in Haiti.
Scourged by gang violence, Haiti "is hanging on the edge of the precipice," the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights warned on Wednesday, calling for "immediate" support for the impoverished Caribbean country.
“I visited the country in February. It hangs on the edge of the precipice,” Volker Türk said in a video message to the UN Security Council.
“The state's failure to guarantee human rights has completely shaken people's trust. The social contract has collapsed. The current lawlessness is a human rights emergency that demands a forceful response,” he commented.
Türk added that Haitian institutions "need immediate support, through the deployment of a specialized support force that respects human rights, with a comprehensive action plan."
Last week, the new UN envoy to Haiti, María Isabel Salvador, pointed out that the "terror" inflicted on the population by gangs is spreading "at an alarming rate".
Between January 1 and March 31, the number of reported homicides in Haiti increased by 21% compared to the previous quarter (815 against 673) and the number of kidnappings increased by 63% (637 against 391).
In this context, the UN has been calling for months to send a specialized international armed force to help the police restore order.
In October, its Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, transmitted for the first time a call to this effect from Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry to the Security Council.
While some countries have expressed their willingness to participate in such a force, none seem willing to lead it.

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